Pastor Joel Smelley

Joel is passionate about the Gospel, and proclaiming it boldly. His desire is to see people come to a saving knowledge of Christ and expressing their relationship vertically. Also, he desires to see the people of God joined in unity, worshiping vertically, so that the manifest presence of the Lord comes down as a result of that worship. Joel has given the last decade to serving the next generation in churches in, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Joel received his M.Div from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC in 2009. He recently finished his D.E.d.Min. in Family Ministry from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2016). Joel completed training as a church planter at Harvest Bible Chapel Chicago in December of 2016 and moved to Charlotte in January of 2017 to start Vertical Church Charlotte.

Joel loves life. He enjoys playing golf (any time, and by that he means ANY time #butseriously). He loves everything Scottish and hopes to one day visit the motherland. He loves to be around people.

Above all of those things, his greatest love is his wife, Kim and three little girls, Lily (8), Gracie (7), and Avery (2 going on 12).