VCC Vertical Three – What Distracts You?
February 15, 2021

VCC Vertical Three – What Distracts You?

Passage: Luke 5:15-16

What distracts you?

Have you ever noticed how we manage to fill every spare minute of each day with distractions? Here’s what I mean: imagine that you had a minute or two to kill, perhaps even thirty seconds. I know without asking that you would almost certainly do the same thing that  I would do; you would pull out your phone!

When the here and now isn’t immediately stimulating we almost always turn towards some kind of distraction, often by means of our phones.

We distract ourselves with all kinds of things. Some of us feel like we’ll go crazy if we don’t check the latest text messages. Others have to check emails at least every five minutes to stay current. Let’s not even begin to go down the rabbit hole of FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram! Tiktok… news… podcasts… YouTube... We all have different ways of distracting ourselves. They seem like they will fulfill us but they leave us hungry. We fill lots of our waking moments with them. 


One of the healthiest things we can do is to turn off all the distractions, get alone with the Lord, and pray!


I’ll say it again: one of the healthiest things we can do is to turn off all the distractions, get alone with the Lord, and pray. 


Luke 5:15-16 tells us: “But now even more the report about [Jesus] went abroad, and great crowds gathered to hear him and to be healed of their infirmities. But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.” If Jesus took time away from the great kingdom work of teaching and healing to isolate Himself and pray, how much more should we turn off our distractions from time to time and do the same! 

Solitary, quiet prayer time has a way of aligning our hearts with God’s will in a way that’s hard to experience when surrounded by the distractions of life. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, legalistic, or ritualistic. Parks can be a great place to get some space. In the home offices, closets, laundry rooms and even bathrooms can give you the isolation you need! Try setting a timer for a few minutes; short enough that you can maintain it, long enough that you can get past the initial hurdle and enter into heartfelt prayer. Five to ten minutes is a great range! If your mind is prone to wandering try putting in earbuds and playing worship music that celebrates and glorifies God in all His majesty; you can sing along with the words either silently or out loud and express to God your agreement with the worship. 


My encouragement to you is to carve a few minutes of of your busy day to get alone, turn off the distractions, and pray to God! I promise you that it will become an amazing discipline that nourishes your soul.